« I have decided to be happy, because it’s healthy » Voltaire

It also works the other way round : when you feel good in your body, you feel good in your shoes ! Our goal at Vita Studio is to accompany you in your wellbeing journey. To reach full health, you need a functional body and enjoyable food ! Our skills and values will lead you to a good balance between your body and your mind.

Feed your Wellbeing


In order to feel good and be healthy (physically and psychologically), we need Food. More specifically, we need nutrients and micro-nutrients, which meet the body physiological needs. 

But it goes further than this. All actions and emotions somehow related to what you eat are important and should be taken into account in the process : shopping, meal contents, bedtimes, the notion of full consciousness, as well as all the emotions you may feel in all these moments...

Do you feel guilty for eating this piece of chocolate ? Why ? 

Are you hungry whenever you eat ? Or do you eat your emotions ?

It is about understanding the unique relationship between you & food, and you... & your yourself !

Learning how to eat healthy, I would even say, how to live a healthier life, includes :

- learning how to eat well, or "unlearn" your bad food habits

- learning how to love yourself, or "unlearn" to "mislove" yourself...

Taking care of your eating habits is personal growth work. It is a beautiful path towards a long-lasting wellbeing

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